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Why all of this matters 

Bard Fest presents intimate, actor driven classical theater.


Our emphasis is to make Shakespeare, the worlds greatest dramatist, accessible to a modern audience.


In doing so we will present a wide range of theatrical choices with both popular and rarely produced productions to provide enrichment to our community.  

We want to tell great stories.  


We practice Race and gender inclusive and conscious casting as a rule and encourage diversity in our productions.  In doing so, as Hamlet said, “,,,,we hold a mirror up to nature” and show the world honestly with a place at the table for everyone.


We provide paying Non Equity work for local actors. This is important because it encourages them to continue their work.


And what is that work?  


Quite simply, to change the world.  


The Acting Studio of Chicago identifies 5 reasons why the work is important - 


     - Theatre helps us to see a different perspective from our own. 

    -  Theatre reminds us that we are not alone

     -  Theatre is immediate, evolving and always different.

     - Live theatre helps to promote social discourse, dialogue and potential social change. 

    - Theatre promotes education and literacy.

"The world only spins forward" - Tony Kushner

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