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We want you to meet our generous patron


"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks...."  

-  William Shakespeare 

Even in Shakespeare's time over 400 years ago, art would not exist without the  support of patrons.  The same is true today.     Our generous patron has donated their own treasure to bring culture and light to our community.  We are eternally grateful and encourage all to take advantage of the fine services they offer.  


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Chris Douglas and the team at CH Douglas & Gray Wealth Management have become well known in the theatre community.  Their generosity supports numerous projects in the city and enrich the culture here in Central Indiana.  This selfless act should not go unnoticed.
Their integrity is reflected in the fine services they offer.  
They write,   "Consumers of financial services can be sitting ducks for an industry designed to maximize profits for suppliers. Those profits are easily and too often derived from selling high and buying low from the unknowledgeable, the unsophisticated, and the inattentive, who then in turn financially suffer the losses, surrender the gains, and fail to attain success in their own objectives.

We established C.H. Douglas & Gray Wealth Management so that we could employ our knowledge and our critical thinking skills on behalf of clients whose interests, abilities, or priorities lay elsewhere, and so manage your financial affairs with the same prudence and dedication that we would wish ours to be managed."
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