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Our Partner Theatres


Bard Fest was born with a vagabond heart.   We wanted to tell good stories and to do so we needed a home.  We wandered abroad from the now demolished Studio 15 Theater to where we could perform.  We had something to say and were always in search of a place to say it.

Smaller intimate theaters became our calling card.  Over time we fashioned a brand of theater that was unique in the city; familiar epic tales fashioned to be seen up close and personal.

As we grew we sought out venues who believed in our vision of small actor driven classical theater.   And we have found them.

Here are the six pillars of the Bard Fest family of partner theaters.


The IndyFringe Basile Theatre

The IndyFringe Basile Theatre is our spiritual home.  This is true for dozens of theater acts in the city.  Located on the vibrant Mass Ave strip. IndyFringe theater staff has fostered and nurtured many of the cities best artists.  Bard Fest is no different.  We are forever grateful.

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The Cat Theatre

The Cat Theatre, located just off the Carmel Arts District has welcomed us back to where we started.  The foundations of the Studio 15 Theater are a short distance away.  The Cat is one of the city's most charming venues.  Newly refurbished with comfortable seating for over 100 guests.  It is the home of Bard Fest's "Prestige Project" and recognized by many companies as an outstanding place to perform

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The Indy11 Theatre


The baby sister next to the Indy Fringe Basile Theatre, the Indy 11 space is a classic black box theater next to the Basile.   It has the added bonus of being able to convert to an outdoor venue.  During the pandemic, it hosted our outdoor touring show to great acclaim.   The space remains a favorite of Bard Fest and we plan to bring shows to it for years to come.

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Arts for Lawrence Theater at the Fort

Bard Fest was thrilled to join with Arts for Lawrence to present productions at the venerable Theatre at the Fort.  Newly refurbished, the local Lawrence icon allowed us to think in new directions and tell larger stories.   We have huge plans for this lovely space and are honored to have Arts for Lawrence as a partner.

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Shelton Auditorium at Butler university


The newest member of the Bard Fest family, the stunning Shelton Auditorium on the campus of Butler University.  Formally a part of the Christian Theological Seminary, it was shuttered for many years.  Now, under new management, it is once again open to present great theater.  We are proud to be among the artists who will create great things here.

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The Mud Creek Barn Theatre


In 2023 the venerable Mud Creek Barn theatre will join Bard Fest.  The Mud Creek Players is a volunteer organization and has been in operation in the Mud Creek Valley since 1950. While providing quality theatrical experiences to our community is our mission, we don’t just put on plays. Our members attend social events such as pitch-ins, parties, group outings and game nights. We also work together to enhance our community in various ways and to provide a cultural center for our neighbors and the resident's of Indy's Lawrence Township and Geist communities.

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