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Mr Abdul Hakim-Shabazz


Bard Fest has enjoyed considerable growth since its inception.   
2019 was a singular event for the festival.  For it was at that time we met Mr Abdul Hakim Shabazz.   Mr Shabazz believed in the work we are doing and graciously decided to become a patron.  His influence was akin to a bolt of lightning for the festival and our reach grew exponentially.
He is an attorney, teacher, writer, public speaker, journalist, radio and television personality, and, when the occasion arises, the King of England.
More importantly, he is a friend.
Eleanor Teasdale writes, “Shakespeare was well-known for his reliance on his Royal Patrons to stage his work, notably Queen Elizabeth I and King James I. With its complimentary eulogy to the (fairy) Queen, it’s said that A Midsummer Night’s Dream was most likely created for a special performance at Court. In the Tudor court, money and power went hand in hand and art was a powerful political tool among philanthropic courtiers and being seen to give to the arts often earned them influence in the Court.”
Abdul put it much more simply, “Bard Fest is family.  We take care of family”
We are forever grateful to this larger than life man.  Because of his generosity, we are able to tell the greatest stories ever written.
And in doing so, we can change the world.

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