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November 3-12,  2023

The Theatre at the Fort

 8920 Otis Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46216


Hedda Gabler
by Henrick Ibsen

"I want for once in my life to have power to mold a human destiny." 

Ibsen's most notable drama takes centerstage as the coda to our festival. This intense, psychological thriller explores the means by which a woman must take control of her own life. Filled with bureaucratic roadblocks, personal manipulation, and a string of damning secrets, this incredible play paints a stunning portrait of womanhood as relevant now as in 1891. 

The show is directed by
Mr Chris Saunders

Mr Saunders has exploded  on the local theatre scene in the last few years as the founder and artistic director of American Lives Theatre.  

ALT has become the preeminent theatre company performing modern cutting edge theatre here in the city.  His shows have received considerable acclaim and  many of the best actors in the city long to be a part of his vibrant company. 

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In the late 19th century, the playwright Henrik Ibsen completely rewrote the rules of drama with a realism that we still see in theatres today. He turned the European stage away from what it had become – a plaything and distraction for the bored – and introduced a new order of moral analysis.

His plays Pillars of Society, A Doll's House, Hedda Gabler, Ghosts and An Enemy of the People are considered classic works of Realism that changed the way the western world viewed drama. In each of these plays, Ibsen addressed a contemporary social problem and wrote his play as a forum for debate or criticism of the issue.

In 2018 we visited Oslo, 
Norway where Ibsen is venerated for his outstanding contributions to the artistic world.  Below are photos of The National Theatre in Oslo where many of his great works first premiered. 


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