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October, 20-29 2023

The Shelton Auditorium

1000 W 42nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46208 

A Bold Stroke for a Husband (8.5 × 11 in).png

A Bold Stroke for a Husband 
by Hannah Cowley

"Be not afraid of poverty....." 

This uproarious comedy of manners will leave you grinning from ear to ear as this cast of hilarious characters takes you through the trials of dating as a woman in the 18th century. Filled with gorgeous costumes, sets, and hilarious jokes, the cast of the regional premier of A Bold Stroke for a Husband will charm and inspire you. 

Olivia’s father, Don Caesar, is determined to see her wed, but with her heart set on the elusive Don Julio, Olivia and her lady’s maid Minetta must use their wit to fend off an increasingly ridiculous stream of would-be suitors. Meanwhile, Olivia’s cousin Victoria sets a plot of her own. Disguised as the charming and roguish Florio, Victoria fights to save her household… by seducing Laura, the woman who stole the heart of her wayward husband. Filled with equally sharp word and swordplay, this silly, compassionate, and shockingly contemporary exploration of honesty and agency reminds you how fun it can be to fight for what you believe in. 


Starring incredible local talent like Wilhelmena Dreyer ( A (Happy) Holiday, The Divine Alchemists, Le Bord D’ivoire), Tailynn Downing (King John), Hannah Elizabeth Boswell (Twelfth Night, Margaritaville, Grumpy Old Men) and more, this hilarious restoration comedy is a once-in-a-lifetime theatrical event. 

The show is directed by
Mr Max Andrew McCreary

Mr McCreary is the Artistic Director of Bard Fest.  He brings to this production his considerable theatrical training and unrivaled sense of fun.   He currently works for the Indy Fringe Festival and last year he helmed the hit comedy "Into the Breeches " for the festival.   


Max McCreary.jpeg

Cast by order of appearance: 


Donna Olivia: Wilhelmina Dreyer (She/They) 

Donna Victoria: Tailynn Downing (She/Her) 

Donna Laura: Hannah Elizabeth Boswell (She/Her)

Inis and Donna Marcella: Cass Knowling (She/Her)

Minetta: Rowan Apple-Knotts (They/She)

Don Julio: Ryan James Moskalick (He/They)

Don Carlos: Trent K. Hawthorne-Richards (He/Him)

Gaspar: Tracy Herring (She/Her)

Don Caesar: Angela Dill (She/Her) 

Don Garcia: Katie Brownlee (She/Her)

Don Vincentio: Jordan Paul Wolf (He/Him)



Costume Designer: Sue Kuenhold (She/Her) 

Properties Designer: Kaye Campbell (She/Her)

Lighting Designer and Scenic Painting: Isaac Andrade (He/Him) 

Assistant Stage Manager and Light Board Operation: Cleo Garza (She/Her) 

Fight Direction: Scott Russel (He/Him)

Directed by: Max Andrew McCreary (He/Him) 

Assistant Director: Janice Day (She/Her)

Stage Manager: Ariel Laukins (They/Them) (Ze/Hir)


Made possible by a generous donation from

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