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Award Winning Agape Performing Arts Company

returns to the Bard Fest 2019 Line up!

Under the Artistic Direction of Dr. Kathy Phipps,

Agape will present

a youth production of Shakespeare's classic

"The Tempest"

Getting to know Agape


Our guest artist, Dr. Kathy Phipps' group Agape Performing Arts Company, is a youth theatre program that includes performers cast from all over central Indiana. 


Dr. Phipps, with over 20 years' directing experience, started Agape two years ago, her second theatre group in the area. After getting the group off the ground with Into the Woods and Sing Down the Moon in 2016, Agape's third show, Les Miserables for 5 performances in April 2017, marked Agape's coming of age. With 75 performers ages 8-18 from 10 counties and many schools, Agape was awarded two Mittys from A Seat On The Aisle for Most Impressive Youth Performance and Most Impressive Costumes in the Amateur division. Dr. Phipps' specialty is costume design, and she does the plots for all of the shows she directs. She often sews for at least one major character per show.


To follow up Les Mis, Agape performed Scrooge in November 2017, increasing to 8 performances. Tickets for one performance were only available through various homeless shelters, orphanages and foster care organizations, and were given free to those organizations. Performers themselves put together and handed out treat bags to every child who attended after the show. WISH TV did a segment on the charity show:


Agape is dedicated to growing young performers in ability, reaching for excellence without sacrificing their integrity and inner character. Agape has a uniquely supportive atmosphere that is simultaneously rigorous yet fun.


Check out Agape's website for all the latest news!

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