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Our Covid Policy

All of us hoped it would be gone by now.  It isn't.   That is just the reality of the world today.

Bard Fest's brand is excellent , intimate theatre.  Intimacy in a pandemic is something that just will not work without precautions.

Therefore, in partnership with our supporting theaters,  Bard Fest in 2022 is going forward with a new policy.

All participants both on stage and backstage must be fully vaccinated to participate with the festival.  This  rule includes any volunteers, parents , etc  who enter our theaters for no matter how short a period of time.  

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this mandate and you will be asked to provide proof of vaccination.  A history of prior Covid infection is not enough.  You will still need to be vaccinated.

If you feel you cannot get vaccinated for whatever reason, then, with sadness, we ask that you do not participate in Bard Fest.

Hopefully, the world will change and we can change this policy, but until then we will abide by this guideline .

Thank you for your support


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