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Bard Fest - The Final Season
 Come join us for an original musical by local artists


Andersen - A Fairy Tale Life
An original musical by June McCarty Clair,
John C Clair, and Derek Hakes

Audition Information

What You Need To know - 

Dates of Performances - Friday, Saturday, & Sunday the weekends of


October 18th - 20th & October 25th 27th

Where: - Shelton Auditorium, Butler University

Dates  and time of Auditions:    Sunday July 21st 3:30pm - 7pm & Monday July


22nd  6:30 - 8:00 pm.    Call Backs - Tuesday July 23rd 6:30 - 8pm

Location of Auditions : Indiana Design Center.  200 S Range Line Road,


Carmel Indiana. Entrance on the south side of the building-


auditions on the 2nd. Floor.

Audition Procedure:   It is an open call.   All applicants are asked to show up during


the alloted time.   

What you will be asked to do: - All actors will be asked to prepare

16 bars of a song to show your range.  Bring your music so the


accompanist can play for you.  And you will be asked to read from a


side.  Please bring a head shot if you have one and a resume

Actors less than 18 years of age:- Your auditions will be in a group


and on this date.  Sunday July 21 2:30 - 3:30pm

If you have prepared music that is fine but it is not required 


Please make sure a parent or guardian can accompany you to sign some paperwork

If you have questions, you can message the director -

 June McCarty Clair  at

Applicants will be notified of results by e mail or phone call

Synopsis of story -  

Andersen: A Fairy Tale Life”  is the story behind a nineteenth century literary giant who continues to give the world so much joy even today.  Hans Christian Andersen was one of the most prolific writers of the 19th century. He was born in poverty in a rural town in Denmark and was barely literate, but as a small child he listened to the stories of the peasant women as they gleaned the leftover grain in the fields in the country.


This musical tells how Andersen overcame insurmountable odds to become not only a success, but one of the most famous men in all of Europe. He wrote novels, travelogues, poems, and autobiographies. But the writing that made him immortal were the simple stories he heard as a child. His fairy tales are still mined today and have made millions of dollars for various publishers and production companies. His successes include “Once Upon a Mattress” (The Princess and the Pea) “Frozen” (The Snow Queen) “The Little Mermaid” (The Little Mermaid) “Thumbelina” (Thumbelina) just to name a few.

Cast of Characters:


Hans Christian Andersen – youth,- 9-12 – boy soprano

Hans Christian  Andersen-teen, 13-17 -Tenor

Hans Christian Andersen - adult 20’s- 50’s - Baritone

Anne Marie Andersen – Andersen’s mother – earthy, unsophisticated – 20’s- 50’s. Soprano

Mrs. Meisling – 40’s - soprano

Mette – the Fortune Teller, can be almost any age. Soprano

Louise Collin. She is the daughter of Jonas Collin. Age 16-21.. Any voice

Siboni – Famous voice teacher – mid-40’s- 50’s. Very Italian - Tenor

H. C. Orsted – Mentor of Andersen – discovered electromagnetism. Kind, intelligent, sympathetic - Baritone, bass

Baggesen – Famous Poet – easy-going – any age – any voice

Pernille – Siboni’s maid – any age - soprano

Jonas Collin – Andersen mentor – mid-50’s. Stern but kindly. Baritone

Edvard Collin – Jonas’ son – mid-20’s – mid-30’s, very stiff, proper. Tenor, baritone

Simon Meisling – School teacher – 40’s-50’s, stern, angry/jealous of Andersen. Bass

Herr Verliin – Instructor at Meisling’s school – 20’s, Baritone/Bass

School Child –/street urchin, 9-12 - Soprano

School Child - /street urchin,  9-12 years in age), soprano

School child – street urchin 9-12, soprano

Little match girl – 10 -11 Soprano

Henrik Jacobsen – Mayor of Odense – 30-50s, Bass

Mr. Iversen – town printer and leading citizen of Odense – 30-50’s - Baritone

Ambassador #1Representative of the prince of Denmark – 20-40 - Baritone

Ambassador #2 Representative of the prince of Denmark – 20-40 - Tenor



Many of the actors will play more than one part. Most ladies will be in the opening street scene, the barn scene as poor villagers, and in the Copenhagen scene. Children will be street urchins, barn children, and students.

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