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Special Thanks!

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Bard Fest wants to thank
Ms Callie Burk (Hartz) for help and guidance with intimacy scenes.  Callie is well known in the theatre community as a fine actor, teacher and director.  We were glad to have her superb advice and counsel

Heading 1


Thank you to Musicians' Repair and Sales for letting us use a very expensive oboe.   Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Family owned since 1948

For over 70 years, Musicians’ Repair & Sales has been Indianapolis’ premier music store specializing in school band and orchestra instruments.


We are easy to find, being located in the heart of the city, and we have free parking. Our family-owned and operated establishment has dedicated over 65 years to providing quality repair, rental, and leasing services for new and previously owned musical instruments. We understand that every musician is unique, and that is the very reason we carry a large selection of quality name brand instruments at affordable prices. Please give us a call today. 317.635.6274


Thank you to Mr Scott Osborne for your incredible artistry.


One of our biggest challenges was creating the Bethesda Angel of Central Park.  It is one of the most famous fountains in the world and has been featured in many films.   She plays a vital role in Part 2 of the play.


Stage real estate and costs became a critical issue.  It would be expensive to create a reasonable life size replica and the enormous base would take up much of the stage.  


It was a conundrum for a long time.  The costs would put the production out of reach.


After going through many designs and concepts we hit upon the idea of flying the statue.  


In walked Mr Osborne.  Scott is a well known sculptor and artist who works out of Brown Hound Studio.  With an able assist from our set designer, Mr JB Scoble, Scott created the wonderful statue you will see in the show.


"This angel. She’s my favorite angel. I like them best when they’re statuary. They commemorate death but they suggest a world without dying. They are made of the heaviest things on earth, stone and iron, they weigh tons but they’re winged, they are engines and instruments of flight"

 - Prior Walter


If you want to know more about Scott and Brown Hound Studio you can visit them on Facebook

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