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Present a Bard Fest Special Event

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The Theatre at the Fort 
8920 Otis Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46216

November 5th-14th

"Come, if you will teach me how to be a woman, I will teach you how to be a man" -- Queen Elizabeth I

This is a true story. 

In 1601, the Earl of Essex, lover to Queen Elizabeth, was indicted for high treason.

On the eve of his execution the Queen summoned Will Shakespeare and his actors to perform.

The playwright proposes that the Queen was tortured with self doubt and walked out of her palace to the barn on the grounds and finds the actors trying to bed down for the night.  The company must be housed within the royal stables due to the curfew commanded by the Queen in the aftermath of the Essex uprising and the scheduled execution of Essex with the coming dawn

What does it mean to be a ruler, a man, or a woman?Elizabeth Rex's roller-coaster of passionate peaks and valleys is hugely entertaining and superbly written.

Imagine  you are in the company of the most powerful ruler in the world and the greatest playwright that ever lived.  

What would that conversation be like?
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Bard Fest has assembled a stellar ensemble cast led by
Mr Eric Bryant as William Shakespeare,
Mr Jay Hemphill as Ned Lowenscroft,
and Ms Holly Hathaway Thompson as Queen Elizabeth I


Directed by Glenn L Dobbs.

 Glenn writes, "Join us for a lush and highly theatrical evening.   Winner of several awards, Elizabeth Rex has been made into a feature film and here in the beautiful Theatre at the Fort we will mark it's regional premiere at Bard Fest"

Produced by
Mr John Clair 
Ms Nan Macy
Mr JB Scoble 
Mr Kevin Robertson 
Mr Max McCreary

& Mr Glenn Dobbs

Made possible by a generous grant from
Indy Politics & Arts for Lawrence 

IndyPolitics 2.jpg
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