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Bard Fest 2021


"....The sun will shine on us again brother" - Loki

As we emerge from this dark year we are full of hope for the coming days.  To that end , we present our 2021 season.

August 2021

Bard Fest will join for the first time the crazed madness that is the IndyFringe Festival.  

We will reprise the 2019 hit

"Lear's Shadow"

by Brian Elerding.  Directed by Glenn Dobbs and featuring award winning performances by the original cast.

Lear Poster.jpg

October 2021 

The festival begins....

We kick things off with a brand new idea.  We want to introduce "The Prestige Project".   Here we recruit some of the best actors in town to present classic theater.  Our inaugural production will be Edward Albee's .....


Directed by Mr  Matthew Socey

Bard fest has grown.  We have alway's been "Indy's Shakespeare Festival" and now our reach reflects it.  We are now a resident company of The Cat Theatre in Carmel in addition to our regular theaters on Mass Ave with the Indy Fringe and District Theaters.  "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe"  will be at the Cat Theatre this season.    Following "The Prestige Project" we present in rotation two exciting Shakespeare classics at the Cat.  


Directed by Mr.  Ryan Shelton


Directed by

Ms.  Veronique Duprey


And at the same time on Mass Ave we present still more...

In The Basile Theater at the IndyFringe building we will present


Directed by

Ms.  Paige Scott

At the District Theater our amazing Youth group - Agape Productions will present the classic


Directed by

Dr Kathy Phipps


November 2021 

The Coda

We are growing and for our finale we present "The Coda"


We are thrilled to join with Arts for Lawrence at the newly renovated "Theater at the Fort" to produce the regional premiere  of Timothy Findley's award winning

Elizabeth Rex

Rex 2 Poster.jpg

Critics have called 'Elizabeth Rex'

"An imaginative tour de force"

"Lush and complex"

"Full of daring...a play to savour"


Directed by

Mr Glenn Dobbs


Let's have one other gaudy night:  call to me

All my sad captains; fill our bowls once more:

Let's mock the midnight bell."

- William Shakespeare

Antony & Cleopatra, III, xiii

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