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A Midsummer Night's Dream


The Cast

Puck - Diane Tsao

Oberon/Thesus - Jo Bennett

Titania/Hippolyta - Afton Shepard

Hermia - Maggie Lengerich

Helena - Evangeline Bouw

Lysandra - Kristie Schuh

Demetrius - Matt Walls

Bottom (Pyrmus) - Kelsey VanVoorst

Petra Quince - Chynna Fry

Flute (Thisby) - Justina Savage

Starveling (Moonshine) - Emily Hauer

Snout (Wall) - Beverly Roche

Egeus/Snug (Gator) - Sarah Froehlke

Philostrate - Guy Grubbs

Cobweb - Jamie Devine

Moth - Samantha Kelly

Mustard Seed - Monica Hartz

Changeling - Beatrice Hartz

Stage Manager - Ms Marta Hamilton

Technical Director - Mr Eric Matters

Photography by Mr Rob Slaven

Produced by
Arts for Lawrence & Bard Fest


Directed by
Mr Matthew Socey 


Note from the Director


New Orleans is one of most magical, mysterious and culturally diverse cities in the country. The city and the state is a great melting pot of culture, beliefs and music, old and new across the board. That's why this production of Midsummer is set in Athens, Louisiana, a small country town outside NOLA.


There are sections of New Orleans that are very progressive and sections that have not changed in decades. One can hear the latest music blasting from a Bourbon Street bar, walk down that street, turn onto St. Peter Street and hear the Preservation Hall Jazz Band do music from the early part of the 20th century. There are places where a person can truly be themselves when it comes to gender and gender roles. On the flip side, there are still old-fashioned courtings and debutante clubs alive and thriving today. 


I'm happy to say that this Midsummer is not the old-fashioned production of old white guys in tights. As an older white guy who actually has worn tights onstage, I am proud of the non-traditional cast because they reflect what is happening today. The reason why Shakespeare's plays are still being done today is because of the events and the behavior of the characters are still happening since its 1605 premiere. For families, if you or your kids are fans of the film The Princess and the Frog, here's your gateway to Shakespeare (BTW, Puck is the original Minion). If you're a fan of rom-coms, here's your gateway to Shakespeare. 


Seeing Shakespeare performed is a lot like attending weddings. One can attend quite a few in one's lifetime, but how many do you truly remember? We hope you enjoy A Midsummer Night's Dream unlike any other. This is not just a play, it's a party. Are all invited. 


I want to thank Marta Hamilton (the Winston Wolf of this production), IndyFringe, Missy Rump, Devon Dean, JB Scoble, Jockamo's, Ft. Ben Pub and Triton Brewing Company and Bistro. Much love to Lynne (who did the text adaptation of this production) and Emm.


Laissex le bon temps rouler,

Matthew Socey

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