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"No other drama by Shakespeare -not even King Lear, A Midsummer Night's Dream, or the Tempest so engulfs us in a phantasmagoria.....A great killing machine, Macbeth is endowed by Shakespeare with something less than ordinary intelligence, but with a power of fantasy so enormous that pragmatically it seem's to be Shakespeare's own."
Harold Bloom

October 22 - 24 and 28 - 30, 2021 at the
Theater at the Fort in Lawrence.


We are pleased to be producing Shakespeare's Macbeth at the Indy Bard Fest in October. Dr. Kathy Phipps will be the Director, Darby Kear will be the Assistant Director, and Joel Flynn will do the Choreography for the Witches.

Director Dr. Kathy Phipps was inspired to cast the leading roles in rotation after seeing the National Theater of Great Britain's production of Frankenstein online, where one night Benedict Cumberbatch played Dr. Frankenstein and Johnny Lee Miller played the "monster" and the next night they switched roles. 


Aidan Morris and Haley Glickman will play Macbeth and Lady Macbeth opposite Nathan Ellenberger's MacDuff and Brynn Hensley's Hecate (Queen of the Witches), then the next performance they will rotate roles. We are only able to do the production this way because of the extraordinary amount of talent in the actors who auditioned. Our theater company won the Best Youth Performance in Indianapolis in 2017 for "Les Misérables" and in 2019 for our production of "The Tempest" at Bard Fest.

A Bard Fest & Agape Production

Cast of Macbeth

Duncan, King of Scotland - Doug Rollison

Malcom, Prince of Scotland – Jake Hobbs

Sergeant/ First Murderer/ Messenger / Soldier – Ryan Schwitzer

Attendant/ Servant/ Second Murderer/ Seyton/ Soldier– Ozzy Heath

Porter – Darby Kear 

Lennox, a Scottish nobleman – Grant Scott-Miller

Ross, a Scottish nobleman – Genna Sever

Macbeth - Aidan Morris 

Lady Macbeth - Brynn Hensley 

Banquo, a Scottish nobleman – Nathan Foster

Macduff - Nathan Ellenberger

Angus, a Scottish nobleman – Carter Thurnall

Fleance, Banquo’s Son – Kylie Hensley

Hecate, Queen of the Witches - Silvia Seidle

Macduff’s Daughter, Flora - Maggie McKinney

Fiona McDuff – Maranatha Potter

Briget Macduff - Regina Kalscheur

Rory Macduff - Danny Zou

First Witch – Mary Zou

Second Witch/ Gentlewoman – Hailey Ready

Third Witch/ Lady Macduff – Laura Sickmeier

Witches – Rebecca Barajas, Hailey Bentman, Ashlynn Gilmore, Anastasia Lucia, and Maggie McKinney

Soldier/ Lady in Waiting – Liberty Potter

Soldier/ Lady in Waiting - Chloe Scott

Doctor - Caleb Wilson

Produced by
Mr John Clair 
Ms Nan Macy
Mr JB Scoble 
Mr Kevin Robertson 
Mr Max McCreary

& Mr Glenn Dobbs

Made possible by a generous grant from
Indy Politics

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