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October, 20-29 2023

The Indy Fringe Basile Theatre

719 E St Clair St, Indianapolis, IN 46202 

Content Advisory: Discussion/Action of filicide, abusive language toward women, graphic discussions of violence 


 by Ruby Blondell

"...we're women, so our nature's most intractable for doing good, most clever at constructing evil of all kinds"

Euripides celebrated Greek classic has rarely been more present and important than today. This nuanced and thoughtful drama will be presented in alleyway format as you follow Medea in her journey towards the most difficult decisions she could possibly make.   Medea, as literature's most titanic female protagonist, remains one of drama's most daring assaults on an audience's moral sensibility and conception of the world.

The show is directed by
Ms Natalie Fischer

Ms Fischer marks her directorial debut with Bard Fest with the timeless classic "Medea".   A graduate of the Jordan School of the Arts at Butler University she is a regular among the local theatre community.  We are delighted she is bringing her considerable talent to the festival




Medea - Laura Gellin (she/her)

1921 - Liz Carrier (she/her)

1952 - Cassidy Dueker (she/her)

1973 - Kitty Compton (she/her)

1994 - Hannah Embree (she/her)

Jason - Darin Richart (he/him)

Paidagogos/Messenger - Amalia Howard (she/her)

The Kings - Guy Grubbs (he/him)

Nurse - Andrea Haskett (she/her)

The Children - Allie Stacy (she/her) and Ellie Richart (she/her)

Production Team

Director: Natalie Fischer 

Stage Manager: Nicole Cooper

Sound Design: Nico Rowland

Set/Light Designer: Emma Littau 

Dramaturg: Mikaela Schmitt 

"We have heard this story before and that is why we tell it again. Written by Euripidies in 431 BCE and translated by Ruby Blondell, Medea is a tragedy that transcends time. We watch her journey to regain power and find strength in a patriarchal society. The story of Medea has existed in many different societies and has been told in many different ways. We watch her relive this story of pain, injustice, and trauma over and over again, just as women in our world have re-lived their own injustices over and over again. We tell this story for women who have ever felt wronged, unequal, and unjustly treated. And we tell this story to the people who don’t listen.”    

-   Natalie Fischer


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