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"Summer lovin', had me a blast!"


Bard Fest & Arts for Lawrence is pleased to present our first outdoor
Shakespeare in the Park production!

Bard Fest is now one of the resident theater companies at the Arts for Lawrence's Theater at the Fort.  To celebrate this new partnership we are joining with the AFL team to present Shakespeare in the Park at the new amphitheater on the
Fort Ben Cultural Campus.  
Where better to begin than with Shakespeare's magical
A Midsummer Night's Dream !

Now to business!   - Audition information

 The auditions will be held at AFL's  Theater at the Fort
8920 Otis Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46216

 The dates of the auditions are Sunday and Monday ,May 8th and 9th
The performances will be
July 21st thru July 24th.

Directed by Mr Matthew Socey

Further details

All roles are paid a stipend based on profit sharing with the theaters.  
We are NON Equity.

Some roles may be precast. Please enquire at if you have questions

All actors are asked to prepare a 1-2 minute monologue for presentation.  

Auditions are private with just the actor and the directors of the productions.

All auditions are by appointment.  To schedule an appointment please send a request to

If you have a question ,  please send it to the e mail above and it will be sent to Mr Socey.
Click here for a synopsis of the story.

Click here for a list of characters


And one thing more...


Auditions for the general festival will be  
July 24th and 25th

Our line up this year includes Lysistrata, King John, The Merry Wives of Windsor, The Winter's Tale, an all female version of Richard II and the regional premiere of a new comedy by George Brant "Into the Breeches"!

We are not yet ready to take audition reservations for these shows but save the dates!   We will be ready for you very soon.

We are Bard Fest.  
We tell Great Stories!

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