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Bard Fest 2019 Festival Schedule

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Location Key -

 We are in two different theaters on Mass Ave. 


Two productions are in the IndyFringe Theater at 719 E St Clair St, Indianapolis, IN 46202


Two productions are at The District Theatre (Formally TOTS) at 627 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204.  


There are two theaters within the Indy Fringe Theatre - The Basile and the Indy 11.  The production at the District Theater is on Stage One - The main stage.


Red is the IndyFringe Theatre in the Basile


Green is the IndyFringe Theatre in the Indy 11


White is the District Theatre


**Performances that will feature a talk back session with the actors and director after the performance 

The Festival 


The First Weekend

Thursday, October 17th

7:30pm-  Hamlet

7:30pm - The Tempest

Friday, October 18th

7:30pm-  Hamlet

8:00pm - Henry IV.1**

8:00pm-  Lear's Shadow**

Saturday, October 19th

2pm - Henry IV.1

7:30pm  - Hamlet

7:30pm - The Tempest

8:00pm-  Lear's Shadow**

Sunday, October 20th

1pm - Henry IV.1

1pm - Hamlet**

2pm-  Lear's Shadow

5pm - The Tempest

The Second Weekend

Thursday, October 24th

8:00pm-  Henry IV .1

8pm-  Lear's Shadow

Friday, October  25th

7:30pm  - Hamlet

7:30pm-  The Tempest

8:00pm-  Lear's Shadow**

Saturday, October 26th

2:00pm - The Tempest 

7:30pm- Hamlet**

8:00pm Henry IV .1**

8:00pm-  Lear's Shadow

Sunday, October 27th

1:00pm  - Hamlet

2:00pm-  Lear's Shadow

1:00pm - Henry IV.1

5:00pm-  The Tempest


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